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january 26

forest colors

oh….look at my table, with the double-headed wind Person, half-woven in the plaited bark.

it is morning, i spoke with K, in England via Skype, regarding radiocarbon database, incorrigibles, the Cook collection.

i feel the yarn is looking at me, but the bark is more patient. all i want ot do is weave these days, but must work at the other work instead.  i do love my teaching, but the weaving has a life and now that life is in my sleep, in my dreams, in my mind constantly.

counting, wrapping

loong day at work tues.  came home, hadn’t eaten. it’s like that at SFU.

started splitting bark.  – then i felt peaceful.


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january 25

measured out the rest of the car.

counted the amount of strips, and the number of bundles of strips, necessary.

looking at my salvage project (the gathered bark), and i can remember where each rolled bundle is from:

1. the tree lot, cedars that floated in the Fraser River for over one year, when pulled ashore, covered in river mud;

2. the huge cedar that lay on its side for weeks near the Starbucks, where a coquitlam city employee threatened us with arrest for pulling bark;

3.  the SFU clearcut, where the elementary school is going in. there, ravens, insects of all kinds, and an eagle, watched, spoke, revealed themselves, suffered without their shade, wondered where their trees, shrubs, and fern had gone. green development, they say! as if we don’t know what is going on, really.

i began gathering, reclaiming, staking my claim, praying for the forest, dreaming, my whole life – and  for this project, in 2004, when i first moved to B.C.

six years later (am i this  old now?). yes.

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january 24

cathy catherine came by, robert made french toast.

three cups of coffee.

she learned plaiting and twining, as we started the back seat ‘upholstery’.

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january 20

a full day, teaching. grateful for that.  i am disheartened by the place where i work.

i gaze at the concrete , and it fits! -it fits the way i feel there.  my work is in an  enormous concrete beast, one that exhales cold, indifferent to the comings and goings, to hopes and dreams.

i come home to my dear pets, who only love.  what luck!

i sit with the car ‘ladybug’, and think of what color she would like her sides to be..cedar and black, cedar and white, cedar and green?

i love her as i love the idea reality of a forever forest, forever ocean, forever desert, always changing, always alive, forever home to forever everyone.

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january 17

funny yarn.  spun too tight, spun too loose, a skein of mismatched machinery.

i wove all day, today, yesterday, only made it to 21 rows, out of 144.  why am i so slow?

how do i get so sleepy after only 6 hours of weaving?

i keep going, and look forward to tomorrow, when i weave again.

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a post from jenni:  “i appreciate rosie’s kind smile and annie ‘s lovely nature.

when i am sorting bark i enjoy watching the sunlight stream into the studio. the mornings are dark but the afternoons shine.

i am happy to be working with friends.”

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