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un-do, re-do



re- done,

made new


a world record of





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sometimes i make mistakes

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february 18

photo: a reminder from a few months ago

christine at ‘supplies plus’, in answer to what green strapping tape looked like, took  me into the back of the warehouse.  she cut away a strap from a large pallet of boxes….pretty cool clear green.  i said ‘ohhh..i like it’, and she proceeded to cut another strap from another pallet, and another, and another, until ALL of the strapping was off of all of the pallets.  there was enough to make two car mats (one, above).  pretty color…yes?

anyway, all of this to say i ordered white strapping tape, meaning, i started weaving the trunk today.


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Olympic pattern making gold medal

how Do i?

how Can i?

like this, like that.

olympic eco-friendly events:

* oldest pencil in drawer use

(i think i had this one in a box, from the 1980s)

* best use of recycled newsprint wrapping paper

(from Ikea, 2004!) pattern making

* fastest locating of whereabouts of scissors

(i am always amazed to find them!)

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february 17

wind Person was to be done in december, but it is mid february.

double headed (wind) serpent

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february 16

wind through cedar trees, blowing in two directions at once

top weaving done, now time for the tuck-in, sew, detail work. how am i going to attach this mat to the car hood?


details done.

excited to photograph it in situ.

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who was he, that skull who wears still

a crown made of flowers?

a simple feast for you today,

boiled vegetable, fried squid.

today, four thousand people walked the streets

shoulder on shoulder, Olympia for aboriginal women

the murdered, the missing.

some i know, burned, scarred, gone

my mother’s village is disappeared

under bullets, the army;

robert’s sister, auntie, somewhere.

and where is Valentine’s miracle ?

womens memorial march, vancouver

restored sight,

restored speech

of his jailer’s daughter.

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