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dragonflies (this pic is from the interwebs)


in the dust

water bug

in the overcast

spider-web veins

sugar window pane wings

underwater rain bringer


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march whatever

oh my.

began the other front fender today. made the pattern, had my count, laid it down, 3 (13),  3, 5,1 ,3 ,1, 5, 3 (13)

then 2, 3(5), 3,1,3,5,3 ,1,3, 3(5)

et cetera

didn’t match up.

took it out.



miss again.

sat down.

drank tea.

i understand materials such as stones, cedar,wood,want to be something, specific. but this cedar wants a specific pattern. when it doesn’t have it, it gets funny; slippery, brittle; twisty, snappy. it gets mad at the plastic strapping. it gets mad at me and gives me splinters and cuts me under my nails.

stop being that way, i say. i will give you what you want.

‘then pay attention’, it says, as it misbehaves.

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march 21

front fender

over under.

this was to be all white and cedar, but the cedar wouldn’t have it.  so, the grey wool.

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march 17

oh no

oh boy.  i don’t like this one.

looks like a cracker.

was supposed to look like a nice design.

i am eating cheesies and getting orange stuff on the keyboard.  my back is hurting and i am low.

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march something

starting again.

front fender.

four folks made the inter/multi National pattern

(Tiny Tiny Valentine, Andrew, Robert!, annie)

(Hopi, Scottish, Mi’kmaq, Maya)

pattern front fender and tire well

its a shame to untie so many bundles

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sturgeon in a stream

sturgeon fish

200 million years old

toothless grin, bony plates

100 years old

international bottom feeder

small fish ccrustaceans snacks


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march 4

my parents anniversary. 58 years, she’s been gone for three.

it feels that it may take me that long to finish this weaving.

well, all right then.

a stitch at a time, a day at a time, a row at a time.

how long, love?

at my job, a magnolia tree cut down while in bloom. peter gathered flowering branches, and now they sit in vases on an office desk.

not patience, acceptance.

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