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spare yarn

hello hello.

this is what i do while waiting for life to start.


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friends who enter here

i appreciate that you have looked at my work

thank you

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decades ago, my friend Rena made traditional woven robes,baskets, and sang her Spirit songs, in the years when the Indian Act declared such practices illegal.

have you lived under such a law, that tells you it is better to buy than to make things the way your grandmother had?  i just wondered.

the state, the church, at this time, in this place, discouraged all Native art, craft, language, practice.  those who continued in the radical act, of Making, kept alive all we have now, the ancient practices in the modern world.

i am weaving, i am praying, i am Making because i believe in the power of Nature and the return of the viridian forest.

the place where i work

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