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dressed up


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a little spooky, me, and a cough that has been keeping me up nights. this morning robert gave me a mocha, the pets were being funny (ha ha),  first all day sun in months.

tricky corner end

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today i was thinking of how to seam the cedar together.  there are places where i join them by plaiting, and others, where, you know  ….  seam binding, would work.

i have a collection of seam bindings from my mother’s sewing collection.  i squirrelled them away once while visiting.  it was one of the many times when i was cleaning her house instead of tanning at the beach, always trying to be helpful and no one gave a shit.

so i have these little crinkly plastic covered forgotten rectangular packages of poly cotton whatever ribbons.  sewing people use them to attach hems, cover interior seams, decorate pillows and the like.  you can tell she shopped all the sales and that she sewed everything; funny colors labeled ‘5c Woolworth’s’.  i have a metal box full of them, tucked in together like rows of fish.  last night i was hemming a vintage dress, trying to find a match to the crushed blue velvet, and the lace hem binding i chose made me think of red oak (think  patterning).

so….. oak seam binding.

oak seam binding

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trimming the seam

so sometimes you do something even though you had never done it before, and you don’t know anyone who has ever done it before, and your boss tells you you are an idiot and its an idiotic idea, and your favorite weaver says ‘i don’t get it’.

but you have a nice family and good friends who help you chase away those cruel critics, especially that one that lives inside your own head. and thanks to God, and the saints, and those relatives long ago laid into the cold hard ground.

anyway.  i made the mats extra large, just in case, easier to cut than to add. better to make extra stew in case lots of folks come out and hey,  have some salad, veggie casserole and buns, butter is better, and make sure there’s enough to take home later. that’s how my mom cooked.

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headlamp nest with rose bumper

getting dressed,  a final fitting.  no cake or pie will matter now.

i have to be a tailor these long days, although i am shakey with the scissors.

i am inventing things for myself, meaning, working in techniques i have not tried before.  these days i am trying to figure out flat-lay finish rows for 1/3″ wide weavers and warps, running ends 42″long (gasp).  i am not saying i figured it out, just that i have to think about it.

misted cedar bark helps me.  it sleeps when i sleep, and when i awake, i see it has kindly harmonized itself with the hood, the trunk, the panels.  so kind of them to get along so nicely.

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