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thank you to the commentator who asked for a final thought:

my friends live and farm in a land that has belonged to their families for thousands of years.  the coming, dreaming, and making of the nuclear bomb in that same, Sacred place, means plutonium is in the garden, the farm plot, the dragway for matchbox cars and kindergarten kitchen for mud pies.

i recall asking Dr. Hans Blix, what of the problem of remediation from the damage of nuclear waste?  he said, in part, the skills to clean up nuclear waste exist, although, lacking is the political will to fix this terrible unknowable mess.

so, when with my friends, i drink water with americium and God knows what else, and eat the food, and track through sand tested and proved to hold nuclear waste.

i think, it is the work of human hands, with the help of the Spirit World, that will put it all back together, make it all clean again.

hands, the transformative power.


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