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new ceiling

it took a pry bar to remove the parts of the chrysanthemum ceiling left behind from however they were removed.  good bye dear flower.

now, is now.

i dreamt of the stars again the night before.  i thought about the visions at HopiLand, the place of my dear relatives and ancestors.

i talked with other artists, and then, decided, the ceiling would now be a reflection of those special imaginings, a star sky, a homage to the souls that are among us.

star, spirit, ancestors, Helpers


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thank you to Barbara, Scott, and all others, at the Whatcom Museum, for your patience, help, acceptance, care.

so i show up in Bellingham with my art piece, and it’s damaged from its last venue.  i didn’t know, no one told me.  i find out 10 hours before the car movers are scheduled to pick up. what could i do?  breathe. pray.  its very clear, art must arrive at its destination ‘show ready’.  Forest One, wasn’t. oh Spirits, Helpers, be with me, please. Thank You.

lucky lucky lucky Barbara and Scott accepted the piece for delivery. gracious! they also granted me a beautiful shop space within to work to fix the back seat, the ceiling, the this and thats damaged from hard-handed visitors at its previous place. (i rebuilt the mats at the hotel).

here is a picture of the shop where i worked. THANK YOU Whatcom Museum.

loading bay, whatcom museum

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so, i went to the venue to wrap my car in blankets for the shipper to  pick it up to its next venue.  i was shocked. the car interior had been somehow torn apart.  the floor mats were gone; in their place, someone had tossed a bundle of the spokes on the car’s floorboards.  how did that happen? i don’t know.  the chrysantymum ceiling, made of biscuit joinery and a mirror, in pieces in the trunk, in the backseat, all over the place. the backseat, unraveled, twisted.  lord, what on earth?

no one had warned me, i had no idea.  all i could do was wrap the car, and go on.

Justin, the car delivery man from JT Hotshotting, true to form, completely dependable, picked up the car, and met me at the US Canada border at the duty-free store parking lot.  thank goodness for him.  and for no lines at the border!

a search from homeland security, a scan of my passport, and then off to the Whatcom.

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