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dressing up in my best

cedar, wool, plastic strapping tape clothes, kept in place with oak strips and metal screws.

holes and bolts must  line up, cedar must lie down.  where do they fit together?  a little too long on this side, a little short on that.

where is craft in modern art? traditional aboriginal technology in the post-steel era?  contemporary arts and community engagement? and me and you?

trying to fit together steel, trees, and a dream; industry, ‘progress’, aboriginal  logic.


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wanna see my back seat?

a fur coat,

strapping tape,

road maps,

pizza boxes

argue about their differences, then

decide to admire

their commonalities

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pine cone, biscuits

analine dyes, coffee

dandelion, wood

work, food.

chrysanthemum snow

peony medicine

fireweed honey

i am tasty

look here i am a snack or a loaf of bread

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