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rear quarter panel, finishing off interior door frame

fur coat seat, pizza map deco

hood: double headed wind serpent

rain, sturgeon, lake, mud

seat: quilt from poly clothes, backrest fur coats

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wanna see my back seat?

a fur coat,

strapping tape,

road maps,

pizza boxes

argue about their differences, then

decide to admire

their commonalities

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landfill full

landfill full,

graveyard grave.

four dozen  polyester roses with plastic thorns left in a brittle office paper box on a loading bay, the one the morgue uses for the missing feet, with a card, ‘happy valentines day, 2008’.

they were a gift from someone who found them when he was smoking, although the doctor told him to stop or he would die.  one year ago he had liver failure, skin the color of fluorescent paint.  i said it was a miracle, he said the doctor simply made a mistake, and he has a scar that covers half his midsection.

i live in my studio.

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pine cone, biscuits

analine dyes, coffee

dandelion, wood

work, food.

chrysanthemum snow

peony medicine

fireweed honey

i am tasty

look here i am a snack or a loaf of bread

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old coat

electrocuted eels, caged weasels

mink, sable, mink

happy anniversary, merry christmas, feliz hannukah birthday coat

there you are, former treasure

among the other cast-aways

thrift store coat rack

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un-do, re-do



re- done,

made new


a world record of




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