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rear quarter panel, finishing off interior door frame

fur coat seat, pizza map deco

hood: double headed wind serpent

rain, sturgeon, lake, mud

seat: quilt from poly clothes, backrest fur coats

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a little spooky, me, and a cough that has been keeping me up nights. this morning robert gave me a mocha, the pets were being funny (ha ha),  first all day sun in months.

tricky corner end

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headlamp nest with rose bumper

getting dressed,  a final fitting.  no cake or pie will matter now.

i have to be a tailor these long days, although i am shakey with the scissors.

i am inventing things for myself, meaning, working in techniques i have not tried before.  these days i am trying to figure out flat-lay finish rows for 1/3″ wide weavers and warps, running ends 42″long (gasp).  i am not saying i figured it out, just that i have to think about it.

misted cedar bark helps me.  it sleeps when i sleep, and when i awake, i see it has kindly harmonized itself with the hood, the trunk, the panels.  so kind of them to get along so nicely.

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dressing up in my best

cedar, wool, plastic strapping tape clothes, kept in place with oak strips and metal screws.

holes and bolts must  line up, cedar must lie down.  where do they fit together?  a little too long on this side, a little short on that.

where is craft in modern art? traditional aboriginal technology in the post-steel era?  contemporary arts and community engagement? and me and you?

trying to fit together steel, trees, and a dream; industry, ‘progress’, aboriginal  logic.

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wanna see my back seat?

a fur coat,

strapping tape,

road maps,

pizza boxes

argue about their differences, then

decide to admire

their commonalities

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old coat

electrocuted eels, caged weasels

mink, sable, mink

happy anniversary, merry christmas, feliz hannukah birthday coat

there you are, former treasure

among the other cast-aways

thrift store coat rack

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