new project, new blog

hey so you know, i think and think and pester myself and stay awake all the time.

my favorite thing these days is a nap.

i pray, try to, and i think of those saints.  i call my dear auntie.  ’emma, who is the saint to help with this?’

‘what?’  english is her third language.

’emma, what is the name of the saint who can help with real things these days?’

‘what do you mean, real things?  the saints are real.’

she goes on, convincing me again, and again.

‘i know emma.  but who can help with practical things?’

‘like what?’  she is eating a hard candy.

‘crossing the street in the city when the light is broken’

‘christopher.  he is for travelers.  did i tell you about anna downstairs, you know that man she sees is married. he has a woman and children and’

this goes on for a while.

’emma, who helps for over-population?’

“why do you think about that? how is work?  did you call your papa?”

i ask again.

‘don’t worry.  these things are terrible but that is people.  did you finish your car?’






camas lilly

hello camas, kind friend.  growing iris-lilly-like, vast fields, flower petal beach grass dye, root foods.

camas lilly, wapato, those bulbous root folks who fed us for generations. thank you.

as the crow flies

as the crow flies, as the raven calls, sasquatch is the spirit of the land, manifest in a body.  and you and i, what are we? water, soul?

there is a spider in the window waiting for a fly.  the glaciers are melting, rivers now, carving into vast mountains of ice.

dear Carolyn

i am in the field, doing my recordings with friends for my oral history library/archive, “kitchen table stories”.

here on some pictures of my 1956 nash metropolitain basketry covered car that i have with me in the field, and i am posting them here for you.  they are not the latest views of my salvage/remediation project, but it is something for you to see. this view is the car before i cut the selvage and tucked the ends in.  it gives you an idea of the finished product.
thank you.

sasquatch panel

front view pre-trim

for Carolyn

rear quarter panel, finishing off interior door frame

fur coat seat, pizza map deco

hood: double headed wind serpent

rain, sturgeon, lake, mud

seat: quilt from poly clothes, backrest fur coats


dressed up


a little spooky, me, and a cough that has been keeping me up nights. this morning robert gave me a mocha, the pets were being funny (ha ha),  first all day sun in months.

tricky corner end